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Working From Home, How Do You Make It Work?

Written by Josephine Palermo, Geared for Growth and Co-Creator Higher Spaces More and more people are searching for flexibility in their work. This often includes working from home; but how do you make that work for you and your staff? As a manager, how do you maintain social contact and team cohesion? How do you

Culture is everything, and I mean everything!

Written by Josephine Palermo, Geared for Growth and Co-Creator Higher Spaces I realised how important the ‘right’ co-working culture was when I opened my own co-working space with Shu Tan, . Creating an environment where people feel safe to explore and the challenge themselves is a primary aim for myself and Shu. We want to

Surviving in a coworking community

Written by Shu Tan,  Principal, Strategy Execution, Telstra and Co-Creator of Higher Spaces When you work in a coworking space, you share it with a diverse mix of people who change in and out. Diversity can be both exciting and disquieting when the people around you don’t share the same values as you.  Some people

Choosing the right coworking space

With tax time right around the corner, there are many ways for Australian taxpayers to improve their tax returns… So our team have decided to come together and collate our top 3 tax savvy tips to help you make the most of your 2019 return!

Why Agile is Good for Business

As a business professional working in big corporations for many years, I was first introduced to the Agile methodology two years ago and was instantly attracted to it.  Since then, the way I approach and think about problem-solving has changed significantly and more importantly, I have experienced the benefits of using Agile practices to solve

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Melbourne Coworking Spaces: The Rise of Remote Work Culture

The coworking space is the perfect place for remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Coworking culture has been growing rapidly in Melbourne, with more spaces opening up all the time. In fact, flexible coworking spaces have been forecast to grow by 21% in 2021! In this blog post, we’ll explore what coworking

Importance of Personal Branding to Your Purpose

In recent years Graeme Bye, an Organisational Psychologist, and seasoned HR Director, has been helping his clients with their personal brand. Graeme and Josephine discuss how personal branding became a focus of his work and why, and Graeme talks about the links between ageing and lack of purpose. As always, please give us your questions

Toxic Relationships at Work

Dr Josephine interviews Beulah Joseph, a Registered Psychologist, researcher, author and Employee Assistance Program Guru about the nature of toxic relationships at work. We discuss how to identify a toxic relationship or workplace environment, and importantly, what to do if you find yourself in one. Here are some tips from Beulah about how to deal

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