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Lessons After Lockdown

Written by Christy Mori, Higher Spaces Community Manager Photo credit to Andrew Hutch   “Never Enough” vs. “Enough” “Gratitude turns what we have into enough” – Aesop The “Greatest Showman” soundtrack includes a song called “Never Enough”. Amongst the beautiful melody and the epic voice, the lyrics always make me reflect on gratitude and abundance.

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Coolthinc – All about Livable Sustainable Architecture

  Coolthinc are offering complimentary design work!   Yes, that’s a picture of the Carlton Gardens and it’s a  Coolthinc design! They specialise in livable architecture and value sustainable living. As part of the Higher Spaces community Skills Hub, Coolthinc are offering a complementary design work for your place of residence, work, and/or play. You

Get Leads & Grow Your Business Online

We recently attended Kleo Merrick’s webinar, ‘100 Ninja Ways to Get Leads & Grow Your Business Online’. Thanks to her hard work, there actually were 100 suggestions! Since listing all the methods might be an overwhelming read, we chose our top 20 to share with you! A Call to Action in your email signature: We

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Shine a Light on Untapped Potential in Your Business

Written by Josephine Palermo, Geared for Growth and Co-Creator Higher Spaces Everyone loves free stuff. Most business owners don’t even know they have free resources at your fingertips! Untapped potential sits in your business cycles; your sales cycles; the relationships you have with your suppliers and partners; and your customers. There’s untapped potential in the ways

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Surviving Business Lockdown: Online Events, Media, and Communications with Adam Weiss

Written by Christy Mori, Higher Spaces team Thanks to MeetUp Group, Melbourne Silicon Beach, we were able to attend the online lunch session: Surviving Business Lockdown: Online Events, Media, and Communications with Adam Weiss. For those that missed it, here’s an overview of the presentation: Tips for Web Meetings and  Webinars Live Streaming Videos Traditionally-Produced

Advice: Finding Financial Relief for Businesses during COVID-19

Written by Josephine Palermo, co-Founder Higher Spaces Finding it difficult to navigate through the enormous amounts of information about financial relief the government is providing? So were we. So we asked Elis to help. In a recent Higher Spaces Lunch and Learn session Elis explained billions of dollars in relief packages for SME’s (Small/Medium Enterprise)

Tips for conducting successful virtual workshops

  Written by Josephine Palermo, co-Creator Higher Spaces Five years ago, an online recruitment company Flex.Jobs projected that 50% of people in the US will work remotely by 2020. Little did they know that the whole world would be working remotely by March 2020 due to Covid-19. For those of us who coach and train

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Working Well Remotely – We are All in this Together

Written by Josephine Palermo Geared for Growth and Co-Creator Higher Spaces We had a great conversation today about working well remotely at our Lunch and Learn Session. It was great to hear from everybody and to share ideas. This topic is particularly relevant because the work environment has shifted to home. Children are being home-schooled,

Braving leadership during Covid-19

When we heard the first announcement on Sunday 22 March by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews about the imminent shutdown of all non-essential services, Josephine and I got on a call immediately at 5pm to discuss what this means for our coworking business at Higher Spaces.

Caring for each other during COVID-19

Our ways of living and working are changing so fast as a result of Covid-19. We understand everyone is worried and doing their best to prepare and stay safe. Our top priority is to support our community through these unprecedented circumstances. We are dedicated to protecting the health of our community so that you can

Working From Home, How Do You Make It Work?

Written by Josephine Palermo, Geared for Growth and Co-Creator Higher Spaces More and more people are searching for flexibility in their work. This often includes working from home; but how do you make that work for you and your staff? As a manager, how do you maintain social contact and team cohesion? How do you

Culture is everything, and I mean everything!

Written by Josephine Palermo, Geared for Growth and Co-Creator Higher Spaces I realised how important the ‘right’ co-working culture was when I opened my own co-working space with Shu Tan, . Creating an environment where people feel safe to explore and the challenge themselves is a primary aim for myself and Shu. We want to

Surviving in a coworking community

Written by Shu Tan,  Principal, Strategy Execution, Telstra and Co-Creator of Higher Spaces When you work in a coworking space, you share it with a diverse mix of people who change in and out. Diversity can be both exciting and disquieting when the people around you don’t share the same values as you.  Some people

Choosing the right coworking space

With tax time right around the corner, there are many ways for Australian taxpayers to improve their tax returns… So our team have decided to come together and collate our top 3 tax savvy tips to help you make the most of your 2019 return!

Why Agile is Good for Business

As a business professional working in big corporations for many years, I was first introduced to the Agile methodology two years ago and was instantly attracted to it.  Since then, the way I approach and think about problem-solving has changed significantly and more importantly, I have experienced the benefits of using Agile practices to solve


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Romantic Relationship at Wor‪k

In the theme of Valentine’s Day, Christy and Dr. Palermo chat about romantic relationships in the workplace. We’ll be discussing if it’s a good idea, what levels of professionalism to keep when we are in relationships at work, and the different effects for men and women, and what to do about handling a relationship breakdown

Relationships and Business

February is relationship month for us so we are starting off the month with a chat about relationships and business, particularly in terms of finding the right business partner and how to build a good partnership. We draw on some famous co-founders for inspiration as well as Lucille Ball! Hope you get value from it!

Downfall of Optimis‪m

Continuing the conversation on Optimism, we now flip the topic to talking about the negative aspects of being overly optimistic in business. As always, please give us your questions and stories: [email protected] Articles we think you’ll find helpful: To join our newsletter sign up here Please send your questions or comments to [email protected]

Optimism in 202‪1

To kickstart our podcast for 2021, we dive into a full conversation about Optimism and how an optimistic outlook grounded in a sense of reality can help businesses and individuals create a sunnier, healthier and more fulfilled future. Some articles you might find helpful: The book Christy loves: “Learned Optimism” by Martin

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