Choosing the right coworking space

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You are ready to make the move from a home office to a coworking space and you have preferences. You could also be looking for a different kind of office space to keep your team happy, get them energised and be productive.

Like many who are hunting for the right coworking space, you are spoiled for choice. How do you choose which coworking space is right for you?  Knowing your objective and purpose will help you determine what is right for you and/or your team.

What opportunities are you seeking and what problems are you solving by being in a coworking space?

Belonging and engagement

A friendly, caring and professional workplace are one of the many ways to describe the personality of physical spaces. If you are looking to overcome loneliness or increase your business networks, then a friendly work environment that makes you feel connected and belong will suit you.

Focus and productivity

If you need a workplace to help you and your team stay focussed, be productive and achieve results, what you need is a co-working place that is not overcrowded with people or activities. Other factors include spacious desks allowing you enough space to work comfortably, natural light and pleasant surroundings to motivate you mentally.

Branding and values

It is difficult to reflect your company’s brand and values in a co-working office where you have no control over the look and feel of the place.  But, if it is important that you stay true to your brand then the X-factor is what you are after.  The X-factor of the co-working space reflects who you are and what you stand for and aligns to your business ethos. This can be expressed through the space design and colour scheme that aligns to your brand or through shared values such as being business conscious and supporting similar humanity causes.

Be clear on your objective, ask the right questions, get to know the story of the space, and always consult with your team.


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