Surviving Business Lockdown: Online Events, Media, and Communications with Adam Weiss

Written by Christy Mori, Higher Spaces team

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Thanks to MeetUp Group, Melbourne Silicon Beach, we were able to attend the online lunch session: Surviving Business Lockdown: Online Events, Media, and Communications with Adam Weiss.

For those that missed it, here’s an overview of the presentation:

  1. Tips for Web Meetings and  Webinars
  2. Live Streaming Videos
  3. Traditionally-Produced Video
  4. Hybrid Video/Webinars
  5. Audio Podcasts

Going Live From Home

Audio quality is the key. Make sure people can hear you. Get as close to the mic as possible.

Microphone Choice: Sometimes less is more.

Just know how to use the mic you’re using. You don’t need to invest in expensive mics, just use what you have. If it’s the mic on your earphones, just use that. You can test out the mic by using the voice recorder app on your phone and just see what sounds best.

Room Choice: Choose a “soft” room

Choose a space that isn’t harsh sounding like the kitchen. Cars are a great choice to record since it’s padded. Even a wardrobe closet can produce a soundbooth quality.

Minimize Noise

Move away from people, pets, traffic etc. and turn off devices that make noise, such as the keyboard on the Ipad and smartwatches.

Going Live From Home: You

Goes without saying, take care of your appearance before you go on video.

  • Having extra water helps so that you don’t get up and leave to get one since that is distracting for viewers. Just consistently stay in front of the camera.
  • Check Reflections – glasses, glare from lights, back wall, etc.
  • Choose the right chair!
  • Talk to the camera and don’t look around. You can use a stuffed toy (with eyes preferably) to set up behind the camera so you look straight at the camera and trick ourselves to look directly at the camera while talking to the stuffed toy

Going Live From Home: Video

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

Put lights in front of yourself, not behind, and play around with it.

Camera Angle/Location

Eye-level the camera and audio advantages will also follow as you will be closer to the mic.


Virtual backgrounds have issues sometimes so just test them out before use. Get the actual background of our video as simple as possible so people won’t get distracted while we’re presenting. This means, not having family members walking by, pets roaming about, etc.

Camera Options

Don’t need an expensive camera, just use our smartphone to start!

Live- Streaming Video

It allows you to engage your audiences in real-time and interact in some way with the audience so it feels like they are actually there. We can give a behind the scenes look at your business and humanize our company. It’s a tool to also highlight connections and events.


  • Less production time (more in planning)
  • Maybe be more comfortable for some
  • Higher Engagement Rates ( people stick around longer on Live Stream)


  • Needs an audience!
  • Technical Problems (lighting, feed cutting off) all need to be dealt with right away
  • No chance for retakes
  • Requires more planning than you may think

Traditionally Produced Video

We can get polished messaging in advertising and PR and also use it for fundraising. Educationally, we can make tutorials or support content.


  • Always available, works 24/7
  • Can be “Perfect” every time
  • Easy distribution
  • Can be tailored to the platform


  • Takes serious skills
  • You’ll probably hire a pro so it could cost more money
  • DIY can disappoint
  • Higher Time/Money Cost
  • No Real-Time Engagement

Hybrid of Live/ Recorded Video

We can use this hybrid method for lead generation, which can include sales/training webinars. It can also be used for investor pitches.


  • Similar to Live Video
  • Fewer pitfalls
  • Just be mindful of authenticity

Audio Podcasts

Podcasts are popular for a variety of reasons as they are great for information sharing, content marketing, longer-form topics, interviews/conversations, and reaching a varied audience.


  • Accessible ( people can listen while doing something else)
  • Simpler Production
  • Easier to achieve an authentic and casual feel
  • More control of the content


  • Requires more editing than live video important
  • Not great for quick short clips for social media

Our next online event will be on Delivering a Successful Virtual Workshop. Click on the link to register





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