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We recently attended Kleo Merrick’s webinar, ‘100 Ninja Ways to Get Leads & Grow Your Business Online’. Thanks to her hard work, there actually were 100 suggestions!

Since listing all the methods might be an overwhelming read, we chose our top 20 to share with you!

A Call to Action in your email signature:

We all sign off our names when we send emails so why not prompt some action from your recipients?

Free E-books: 

Giving away free information means that we are giving away something that is easy for people to follow. Make sure to solve one problem at a time to make it simple.

Run a Webinar:

This is an opportunity to look after your current clients as well as getting new clients. When you freely share information, you can keep the connection going.

Sign-up form on your website:

Place at the top of the webpage so people have easy access and don’t need to scroll down.

Downloadable blog posts as PDFs :

This is an opportunity for you to give away a freebie in exchange for their email contact.

Single Videos (free explainer video):

Make sure that the video solves a specific problem.

Free Online Courses:

Works well for ‘Intro’ style courses. Giving away modules creates more value.

Online courses as ‘Drip Campaigns’:

Automate content to trickle out to clients (eg. Week 1 – Video 1, Week 2 – Video 2 and so on. By scheduling weekly, it leaves clients to process information)


A great way to promote surveys are on social media. After people complete your survey, offer something to thank them, such as a 15 minute conversation, a free video, a free ebook, etc.

High-value content sharing on social groups:

Make sure not to spam your groups by providing solid content that shows your expertise.

Reddit threads:

Apparently you can submit your links on message boards and people will vote on whether they like it (or not) and if what your sharing is creating value, you can be voted up and get to the front page of Reddit, which means it’s like getting on the front page of the internet in some cases.

LinkedIn Conversations:

You don’t know who people know by engaging in conversation.

Speaking at Events:

Instant credibility when you are a speaker! Not only does it show expertise but people may come and speak to you after your talk. Don’t underestimate the power of your speech!

Leveraging Your Speaking Engagements:

Don’t show up to speaking engagements empty handed. Offer a freebie or give away as part of an email sign-up.

Using targeted portals like Angel List:

You can do a product hunt, get an investor, and list your product. You may get a different level of leads as people who are on these types of portals are more ready to buy.

A/B testing everything:

Have 2 versions of marketing. Testing and measuring everything is constantly a part of business.

Pre-product polls:

See if customers even want your product by doing a poll and offer a freebie for completing the poll.

Pre-launch offers and discounts:

There’s buying frenzy potential in this.

Bundled product offers:

Think Amazon bundling when you buy. The suggestion of bundling products gets a higher price point.

Co-working Spaces 🙂 Yes, we are biased on this one (smile) as we believe in the collaborative spirit, joint-venture projects, and being part of a community. One thing that Kleo advised was to make sure that you have the same target market as you collaborate on projects.

As always, we wish you the best in your entrepreneurial adventure and let us know if you’ve tried some or all these methods and how well it’s working for you.

Let’s keep growing together!


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