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Coolthinc are offering complimentary design work!


coolthinc design of a garden with text that describes it

Yes, that’s a picture of the Carlton Gardens and it’s a  Coolthinc design! They specialise in livable architecture and value sustainable living.

As part of the Higher Spaces community Skills Hub, Coolthinc are offering a complementary design work for your place of residence, work, and/or play.

You will receive an interview at your place of residence, two conceptual designs, feedback, and final design with a probable budget.

Don’t let the pic above fool you into thinking that they are only about corporate spaces. In fact, they have worked on many residential spaces, including backyards, roof tops, traditional balcony, terraces, and more!  

If you’re looking to redefine and create your dream space? Reach out to Coolthinc!

If you have a skill you’d like to share or barter sign up for Skills Hub

Skills Hub is a Higher Spaces Initiative

We appreciate everyone’s unique talents and skills .

Skills Hub is a new way to support the community by advertising individual business services on our website, and providing a place for our members to trade their skills.

For example, we have a virtual receptionist, office services, business coaching, and sustainable designs for your space with CoolThinc.

You would like to promote your services and/or trade your skills with others we would love to hear from you.

Would you like to be featured in the list of services?

Let us know! We would gladly support your business. 

Contact us with your details and what you’d like to share.



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